We specialize in the restoration and conservation of art and antiques in a variety of media from many cultures. Our trained and skilled staff utilize numerous techniques, many developed in and unique to our studio, to regularly produce results beyond the expectations of the most demanding collectors, dealers, auction houses and discerning individuals.

Porcelain, Pottery, Faience, Majolica, Raku, etc.
Gold, Silver, Bronzes,Ormolu, Copper alloys, White metal, Pewter.
Repair, Restoration, Conservation, Fabrication of missing parts of Antique Jewelry
Conservation of Sculpture, Carving.
Jade, Marble, Malachite, Alabaster, Granite.
Including Peking glass, Tiffany, Lalique, etc.
Wood, Metal, Ceramics, Glass
Tiffany, European and Persian painted enamels, plique–a-jour, Russian, Chinese and Japanese cloisonné, guilloche, and Limoges school.
Japanese and Chinese screens and furniture, Russian boxes, etc.
On Canvas, Frescoes, Miniatures in various media.

Bring Your Antiques Back to Life.


ARK has resotred countless objects during the past 30 years from those of ancient cultures to the factories and ateliers of noted makers including Meissen, KPM, Sevres, Lalique, Cartier, Tiffany and Faberge.


Anatoly and Rena Krishtul founded “ARK Restoration and Design, Ltd ” in 1982. With University degrees in engineering and fine arts, Anatoly and Rena Krishtul evaluate each piece using latest technology enhanced by comprehensive experience and knowledge of materials and techniques employed by artisans from contemporary to those of prior centuries.

There is nothing I wouldn’t entrust to Rena and Anatoly Krishtul. Their workshop is pristine, fastidiously organized, and well equipped. Among the more intriguing projects underway were a 1,000-year-old wooden Buddha (termites turned his roly-poly tummy into a cavern); a pair of gushingly ornate eighteen-inch gilded vases with eagles on all sides from the Russian imperial factory, probably made for Alexandra II, missing much of their gilding and a spout; and a stunning Mogul treasure box in the shape of a crane, carved from a single piece of jade, that had a dismembered chain and injuries from a previous, poorly executed repair.

- New York Magazine

With porcelain, there are two kinds of repair: "museum" and "commercial" - "museum" does the least amount of interfering with the piece, so you'll still see the cracks. When things break, wrap each piece separately so there is no grinding of the edges. ARK Restoration is owned by Rena Krishtul, who was trained to be a designer in a pottery and glass factory in the former USSR. She specializes now in restoring broken porcelain, ceramics, Chinese bronze, and many other types of objects. ARK also makes replacements of missing pieces for historical china services. Ms. Krishtul says, "We get the white pieces from factories in Europe that have kept the old molds."

- Manhattan Users Guide

Are you using Granny’s china, minus a few pieces? Anatoly and Rena Krishtul recently made two Meissen pieces to match an extremely discontinued nineteenth-century service ($10,000 for the pair). They’ll just as expertly custom-make a single teacup (about $300), or a platter (as small one without too much ornamentation will run about $800) by finding a matching blank and painting in the design by hand, then firing it on the premises.

- Best of New York (2005)

Terrific, exceptional, museum-quality work and restoration. The owners, Anatoly and Regina, are experts in their craft. Not only are they a pleasure to work with, but they are extremely talented and do flawless work. I had bought antique soap dishes and porcelain that my cleaning lady broke, and not only did they reassure me they could restore my (very sentimental) belongings, but they actually delivered.

- Zazz A., Customer