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Before and after pictures.

Porcelain Cup, Kang - hsi Emperor of Qing dynasty, 1654 - 1722 Tiffany & Co. Enamel on cooper covered vase. Dutch porcelain vase. 18th Century  Fan. Carved and gilded other of pearl, hand painted silk. France. Circa 1850 Porcelain Vase, Kang - hsi Emperor of Qing dynasty, 1654 - 1722 Jewelry restoration

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Restoration of Precious Objects

Over 30 Years of Experience
ARK Restoration and Design, established in 1982, has earned a respected reputation for the quality and perfection of our conservation and restoration of ceramics, jewelry, enamel, glass, metalwork and organic materials.

Our trained and exceptionally skilled staff utilize numerous techniques, many developed in and unique to our studio, to regularly produce results beyond the expectations of the most demanding collectors, dealers, auction houses and discerning individuals.
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Restoration Experts in New York City

A tour through our portfolio of "Previous Projects"
"Ceramics", "Jewelry", "Metalwork", "Enamel", "Ivory", "Lacquer", "Glass", "Stone", etc., will provide an overview of the countless objects restored by ARK during the past 30 years from those of ancient cultures to the factories and ateliers of noted makers including Meissen, KPM, Sevres, Lalique, Cartier, Tiffany and Faberge.

All work is completed at our location in New York City.
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